About me

I am working at DFKI as a Senior Consultant in the area of Information Extraction, crosslingual dialogue systems, and advanced search engines.
Furthermore I give lectures at different universities and universities of applied sciences, i.e. University of Saarland, TU Berlin, Hochschule Darmstadt, DHBW Heilbronn and DHBW Stuttgart

Current projects

  • Currently I am the project leader in several projects at the DFKI. The main research area is Big Data addressing themes like Text Analytics, Data Mining and Social Media platforms. I am also member of the Berlin Big Data Center (BBDC)
  • With my colleague we are developing and running a social media platform called MS Connect for people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. It is for members of the DMSG only.
  • I supervised the development of the App Fahum for refugees coming from Arabic countries. The App is for Android and iOS. It helps them to overcome the language barrier.
  • In my spare time I am the CTO of the company yocoy. Together with my partners Dr. Feiyu Xu  and Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit we develop products for tourists to overcome language and cultural barriers. Please visit yocoy for more information.
  • In 2013 I finished my thesis MobEx – Exploratory Search on Mobile Devices. See the left box for more information about the system. My supervisor was Prof. Dr. Günter Neumann. (click here for more information)

Mixed Pickles

I also run a little blog called Mixed Pickles containing some posts about things I need very often but tend to forget or just don’t remember the details. Some of them are pretty useful, others are just personal reminders. I do not post regularly, however it already contains more than 70 posts.

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